June 2018

In June 2018 Michelle Simmonds found these pieces of earthenware, believed to be possibly remnants of the urns  from the Garden of Remembrance.

June 2018

Michelle Simmonds

A larger collection of broken earthenware found at the same time. There is no obvious explanation for why these fragments might have been found in the location they were.

Location of fragments June 2018

                                      Michelle Simmonds

Michelle has highlighted the area in which the fragments were found. It is a patch of loose and mixed soil which we believe is the residue of the soil excavated to facilitate the construction of the gravel roadway. 

The Douglas Aspden fragments 

July 2019

Douglas Aspden collected these fragments in July 2019 from the same area  and slightly to the right of where  Michelle Simmonds had discovered her fragments one year earlier. Again there is no obvious reasons why these fragments should have been found where they were.


Copies of these photos were circulated to the Archdeacon as well as the owners, and subsequently to Ribble Valley Borough Council as part of our objection to planning permission being granted. To date, we have received no response or comment from any of those agencies