1. Do you have a list of those who were buried at Calderstones Hospital Cemetery?

There are two lists on this website - an alphabetical list of all those believed to be in the cemetery (it may be missing some names). There is a second list by plot number. As well as burials, there have been cremations held off site and then ashes of both patients and staff interred. 

We do have some additional information and may be able to help if you believe someone died at Calderstones 

2. Do you have a list of those who are buried at Brockhall Hospital cemetery?

There is a list on this website and within the cemetery there is a monument which lists those interred.

3. How do I see the medical records of my family member/ancestor?

Not all medical records still exist.

All records that still exist are held at Lancashire Archives in Preston. https://www.lancashire.gov.uk/libraries-and-archives/archives-and-record-office/

Records containing personal details are closed for 100 years - we are slowly seeing the opening of records from 1923 onwards.

If you are a direct relation of a previous patient at Calderstones or Brockhall, you can apply to the Archives for a search to check if records exist and then request copies (even if they are within the last 100 years) You will find information on how to request this here - https://www.lancashire.gov.uk/libraries-and-archives/archives-and-record-office/enquiries-and-research/

There may be a charge for this but they will be able to advise further.

The archives also hold admission, discharge and death record books - those that are open to view (over 100 years old) can be viewed by visiting the Archives in Preston.

4. Can I visit the cemeteries?

You will find maps showing the location of both cemeteries on the Contact page. Note that the cemeteries are 4 miles apart.

Access to Brockhall Cemetery is easy and it is located next to the Old St Lawrence Church Cemetery in Old Langho.

Calderstones Hospital Cemetery is not open to the public due to it being in private ownership. 

It is possible to access the Commonwealth War Graves in the military cemetery which is located at the back of Calderstones Hospital Cemetery with the use of a key available from the hospital (see sign on the gates). 

A copy of the sign of the gate is available to download below - take it with you to help identify Woodview in-patient unit on Chestnut Drive.

5. How can I check if someone was a patient at either hospital?

During the years that both hospitals were open thousands of people passed through the doors as patients, some for a short stay while others would stay for decades. There is not one single record of every patient that is open to view, there are several places that you can look - 

  • 1921  - 1923 Admission book held at Lancashire Archives (see FAQ on medical records)
  • 1921 Census - available on Find My Past (link) There is a charge to view but can be viewed FOC in some libraries.
  • 1939 Register (taken in September 1939) - available on Find My Past (link) or Ancestry (link). There is a charge to view/subsciption but can be viewed FOC in some libraries.
  • Records of cremations - available on Deceased Online (link). There is a charge to view records.
  • Contact us and see if we can help.