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This helpful reading list was suggested by Dr Nigel Ingham


  • Simon Jarrett (2020), Those they called Idiots: The idea of the disabled mind from 1700 to the present day, Reaktion Book. A readable, well-researched and engaging book (with images) - essential reading for anvone wanting to understand the history of learning disability.
  • Manning, C. (2008) Bye, Bye, Charlie: The Secret World of Kew Cottages. A wonderful oral historical account of life - from a range of viewpoints - in an Australian long-stay institution.
  • Ingham, N. (2003) Gogarburn Lives, Edinburgh: Living Memory Association Oral histories and photographs relating to Edinburgh's large long-stay institution, which closed in 2000.
  • Atkinson, D., McCarthy, M., Walmsley, J., Cooper M., Rolph, S., Aspis, S., Barette, P.
    Coventry, M., Ferris, G. (2000) Good Times, Bad Times: Women with Learning Difficulties Telling their Stories, BILD
  • Atkinson D, Jackson M and Walmsley J (eds) (1997) Forgotten Lives: Exploring the History of Learning Disability BILD
  • Potts M and Fido R (1991) A Fit Person to be Removed Plvmouth: Northcote House
    A classic oral history account of life in a large long-stay institution - Meanwood Park, Leeds.
  • Ryan, J with Thomas, F. (Revised Edition 1998) The Politics of Mental Handicap, Free Association Press

  • Fiction

    These references to a greater or lesser extent deal with institutionalisation.

    • Anne Hope (2016). The Ballroom. London, Black Swan
    • Emma Claire Sweeney (2016), Owl Song at Dawn, Legend Press
    • Emma Henderson (2011), Grace Williams Says it Loud, Sceptre
    • Mayer, Allan (2008). Tasting the wind.
    • Horwood, William (1988). Skallagrigg. Penguin
    • Cook, David (1983). Winter Doves: A love story. Penguin
    • Cook, David (1982). Walter. Penguin


We welcome other members recommendations of books to add to this list below - 

Institutionalisation: an historical perspective     Professor Jan Walmsley

Life in the Victorian Asylum : The World of Nineteenth Century Mental Health - Mark Stevens