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Keep the Faith!!

The Friends need your HELP!

Please object to the removing consecration of part of the cemetery which 

  • will allow a crematorium to be built

  • disturb burials

  • create roads and car parks on consecrated land containing burials

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On February 8th, The Bishop's Chaplain sent a package of documents to the Friends. It had a letter inviting them to make further representations regarding The Archdeacon's application for partial de-consecration and several documents thought to be the appendices from Remembrance Parks Construction Ltd. The Diocese had previously withheld this information from the Friends, despite specific requests in December and January. On 22nd December, the Friends had been given a tight deadline to respond to three different parts of the Archdeacon's incomplete application.

The Friends did complete a full response to the incomplete information which we had received and included a considerable amount of evidence opposing the proposed de-consecration, which we are surprised to find that the Diocese does not appear to have included in the Consultation process. That response, which asked the Diocese to encourage public consultation appears to have been successful.  A copy of our response which was submitted on the 26th of January should be available online shortly, once some confidentiality issues have been resolved.

The Friends have been invited to bring the Diocesan consultation process to the notice of our members and the general public. However, we sill need to clarify some missing information related to the documentation, its authorship and status, as well as the process and access arrangements for certain groups of people.

We believe that the consultation process can be accessed via

We hope to have more updates on this matter soon.

Access to cemeteries on Mitton Road

There is a new sign on the gates of Calderstones Hospital Cemetery detailing how to access the Queen Mary Military Cemetery via the hospital cemetery.

Click on the down load for more details

January 2024

This month has been focused on responding to the email received from the Bishop of Blackburn on 22 December 2023. He informed us that an application for partial de-consecration of the Cemetery had been received from the Archdeacon. The application was initiated by the cemetery owner's request for de-consecration. 

The Friends did not receive several attachments and evidence that were referenced within the report. Despite efforts made to obtain copies of the missing information, it was not provided. Therefore, the Friends had to respond solely to the limited and incomplete information available to them, within the tight deadline (26th January), set by the BIshop. Despite the difficulty of responding to an application without the evidence on which it is based, the Friends did their best in these unusual circumstances. We hope to share both the Bishop's request and our response with members soon. 

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Tony Lloyd- RIP

On the 17th January Tony Lloyd, MP for Rochdale died. Tony was an active supporter of the Friends especially providing support and guidance during our last objection to the Archdeacon's 2019 application to the Bishop for de-consecration when his advocacy on behalf of the deceased in the Cemetery and their families was particularly welcome. We were able to pass a message of thanks and appreciation to Tony shortly before his death but we now send our condolences to his family and the support team who assisted him in Rochdale and London

Old Brockhall