James Kellett (Plot 91)

James was born on 27 June 1891 and admitted to Calderstones Hospital aged 32 on 18 January 1924.

He left his widowed mother, Mary at home at 21 Colliery Street, Clayton, Manchester.

Just two weeks after his admission there is a letter from his mother asking if she and his brother Samuel can visit. It's not known if they did visit, as there is no response in James's file.

When James was admitted his height is recorded as 63ins (1.60m) and his weight is 91lbs (41.3kg) which made him very underweight – his records state he was in "poor nutrition" but "health fair". On admission, his mother reported that he had been seen at the Manchester Ear Hospital five weeks earlier and told he had a "growth in his throat and ears" which had caused him to become deaf. [It had clearly contrubuted to his low body weight]

In his records there are two telegrams to his mother – the first on 25 February 1924 which simply stated "Regret James Kellett seriously ill". The second was to seek approval for a post-mortem, to which she simply responded "Yes".

James was buried on 29 February 1924 in plot 91.