Plans for the Cemetery

From the available records the following list of plans which were submitted to Ribble Valley Borough Council has been identified but it seems certain that this is not a comprehensive list and there may have been other proposals and plans which were not available at the time of this research. Only the formally referenced plans can be identified and there is no separate record of what informal discussions, if any, might have taken place between the different owners and the Council in the shaping, modifying or rejection of proposals 

Date                      Reference                 Applicant        Company 

29.09.2008          3/2008/0837           Agent             Broxburn Ltd

15.09.2011             3/2011/0746             Agent             Remembrance Place 2000 Ltd

29.05.2014           3/2014/0497            Agent             Buildings of Remembrance (**)

23.07.2014            3/2014/0676            Agent             Buildings of Remembrance (**)

08.01.2015            3/2015/0024            Agent             The Shrine

26.01.2017            3/2017/0095            S Gohil            Buildings of Remembrance International Ltd

26.01.2017            3/2017/0067            S Gohil            Buildings of Remembrance International Ltd

19.04.2018            3/2018/0323            A Dunn           All Faiths Remembrance Parks Ltd

09.07.2018           3/2018/0640            S Gohil           Buildings of Remembrance International Ltd

27.09.2018           3/2018/0869            S Gohil            Buildings of Remembrance International Ltd

14.12.2018             3/2018/1145              D Daniels         Ribble Valley Remembrance Parks (!!!!) 

02.01.2019           3/2019/0004            S Gohil             Ribble Valley Remembrance Parks (!!!!)

25.10.2021            3/2021/1085             R Dunn            Ribble Valley Remembrance Parks

Full details of each of these plans can be obtained via the Ribble Valley Borough Council Planning web-site using the references given

 (**)  Buildings of Remembrance Ltd is a different company to Buildings of Remembrance International Ltd, but the transfer of the cemetery between those two related companies was the subject of a critical administrators report, a full copy of which, is available on the Companies House web site. An extract is attached in the Ownership section of this site.

(!!!!) A registered company named Ribble Valley Remembrance Parks Ltd changed its name to Mulco in June 2013 and appears to have no connection with the last two applicants. It is possible but not certain, that Mr Gohil and Mr Daniels were representing a new company, which does not appear to be registered at Companies House

In April 2018 Ms A Dunn submitted an application on behalf of All Faiths Remembrance Parks Ltd, but Shane Gallwey a director of that company, and Asset Manager for Guinness Asset Management later confirmed that "All Faiths Remembrance Parks Ltd have no interest or involvement in the Calderstones Hospital cemetery"

It is quite possible that Ms Dunn Mr Gohil and Mr Daniels were all working for different but closely related companies during the period covered, and Ms Dunn may have simply mistaken the name of the company on the planning application. Please see Ownership information.

In October 2021 A Mr Ron Dunn, on behalf of Remembrance Parks Construction Ltd submitted a further planning application for retrospective planning permission to remove dead and diseased trees in the Cemetery, following what appeared to be evidence of Ash die back disease. This application was in effect a request for a variation of condition 7 of 3/2019/0004. A copy of the Friends response to that application is below.