I got so saddened and upset at the continued decline of the cemetery once Mr Arkwright had sold the site,that I asked local neighbours to support me in forming a small group of supporters to try and bring attention to the plight of the cemetery. Unfortunately during these years we got little support or backing. Thankfully in the last few years with several family members coming forward this was the real start and even more so, strangely enough, when the planning  permission was given by the RVBC to allow a crematorium to be built on consecrated ground.

MEL DIACK -in the cemetery


Looking East with the C of E graves to the right and the RC graves to the left.

A press photo trying again to highlight the plight of the cemetery and showing the disgraceful entrance. in addition the press recorded Sandra McArdle's sadness at the cemetery, especially as her relative is buried there. Sandra travelled all the way from Australia to try and find her relative and it was through the help of Mel Diack and George Hardman that this was accomplished

A photo with David Brierley Green and his wife Lois who travelled over from America to find their family member and research the Calderstones and Royal Albert Hospitals. Also in the picture is David Daniels, representing the developers. An appeal was being made for family members to come forward within the limited time available, as the RVBC had given planning permission for a crematorium to be built .

This photo shows Sandra McArdle attending her relatives grave which had been kindly maintained by the late George Hardman. One only has to look at the surrounding area to appreciate the amount of work needed to make the grave look as well as it does. Parish councillor, Cliff Ball who is a member of the local Whalley Church, very kindly said words of comfort in a short service.

This photo shows the late George Hardman and Sandra McArdle, at the graveside of  her aunt, Josephine Middleton.